For about a decade, Global Sourcing has become centre of attention for many supply Chain
Specialists. Once a reliable supplier is chosen and sufficient knowledge about the
international trade is developed ,  it becomes a rewarding strategy.  In order to reduce
associated risks while enjoying the cost saving benefits of global sourcing, companies are
now relying on service of specialized companies like ATA Chem to guide them through this
delicate task.
We have tailored our services to the needs of customers to ensure peace of mind, quality
of service , and reduced cost.
Below are some of the services we are currently offering to our customers:
ATA Chem Import

  • Need recognition and right product/service planning
  • Determining potential sources of supply
  • Developing supplier evaluation criteria based on client's need
  • Information gathering about suppliers through local sources
  • Site visit ( plant, quality standards, labs, people, technology)
  • Negotiating with short-listed suppliers
  • Supplier and supplier back-up selection
  • Regulatory requirements including packing , labels, documents, and
    certificates (for import into North American markets)
  • Preparation of appropriate documents for import
  • Selection of reliable transportation mode and shipping company.
  • Order placing, payment arrangement, and shipment tracing
  • Quality and packing Inspection prior to shipment (at the plant and at the port)
  • Custom clearance
  • Delivery to customer's door
  • Post-sale support
ATA Chem